Rate characteristic requiring evidence

Verification is required for some rate-relevant characteristics!

You must send us verification of the following rate-relevant characteristics

The following rate-related characteristics can be combined:

CO₂ emission class

EURO emission class 

Obligation to provide evidence

CO₂ emission class 5

  • zero emission


CO₂ emission class 2 - 4



CO₂ emission class 1

  • EURO V and EEV


CO₂ emission class 1

  • EURO I - III


With the CO₂ emission class calculator, you can determine the CO₂ emission class for your vehicle in advance with just a few clicks and upload the necessary verification documents. 

Explanations on the obligation to provide evidence

Obligation to provide evidence

Certain rate-relevant characteristics (CO₂ emission class, EURO emission class) must be verified to us by means of suitable verification documents. There is no obligation to provide evidence for CO₂ emission class 1 and EURO emission classes III, II and I. These are assigned to the highest toll rate group anyway.

Verification deadline

Send the evidence to ASFINAG in advance or within 30 days of notification of a rate characteristic requiring evidence at a GO point of sale.

Which documents are required for verification?

Please send us a copy in any case:

  • Registration certificate of the motor vehicle

If the rate-relevant characteristics are not clearly shown on the registration certificate, please send us additional verification documents. These include, in particular:

  • Customer Information File (CIF)*
  • Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
  • CEMT evidence of conformity with the technical and safety requirements for a motor vehicle
  • Conformity of Production (CoP) 

*Since 2019, the Customer Information File (CIF) has been included in the vehicle documents when the vehicle is purchased. If you do not have the documents, you can request the CIF document directly from the respective vehicle manufacturer/authorised dealer.

You can send us the verification documents as follows

Please send us the verification documents in PDF, JPG or TIF format for electronic transmission. Other formats are not processed by us and the evidence is considered as not having been provided!

Period-related verification in the SelfCare portal

Have you registered your motor vehicle licence plate as a test trip and transfer licence plate for the GO toll system? In this case, the following rule applies to verification of the rate characteristics requiring evidence:

  • Send us the verification documents for the rate-relevant characteristics of motor vehicles with test trip and transfer licence plates together with the application form always retrospectively for each period: for transfer trips between the 1st and 15th of a month by the end of the month, for trips between the 16th and the end of the month by the 15th of the following month. The required verification documents for the period-related provision of evidence must be uploaded in the SelfCare portal. After ASFINAG has checked the registration, if the result of the check is positive, the motor vehicle licence plates notified will be stored in the toll system as transfer licence plates and you will be informed in writing.

  • The verification documents must clearly show which vehicle you used to travel on the Austrian road network subject to a toll obligation and for which period of time, as well as which rate characteristics requiring evidence can be assigned to the vehicle used.

    If the vehicle has never been registered for road use, it can only be assigned to CO₂ emission class 1, as the date of initial registration is decisive. If the vehicle has already been registered, the old registration certificate with the date of first registration is also required in addition to the above-mentioned verification documents.
    If the required CO₂ emission class and EURO emission class are assigned to the highest toll rate groups, the provision of evidence is not necessary.

The following regulation applies to motor vehicles with transferable number plates:

If the CO₂ emission class and EURO emission class of the motor vehicles are different, the CO2 emission class and EURO emission class for which the higher toll rate is set must be deposited at the GO point of sale. Here, too, you must submit the verification documents for all motor vehicles assigned to the variable licence plate to ASFINAG for inspection.

In the event of missing and incomplete evidence

Verification documents must be received by ASFINAG within 30 calendar days of the declaration of the rate characteristic requiring evidence at a GO point of sale.

  • If you do not provide evidence of the rate-related characteristics in due time and with the required documents, the vehicle will be assigned to the highest rate group (CO2 emission class 1 and EURO emission classes 0 to III).

  • If the rate characteristics requiring evidence are only partially verified by the verification documents submitted, the verified rate characteristic is saved in the toll system and the rate characteristic that has not yet been verified is reset to CO₂ emission class 1 or EURO emission class I and thus assigned to the highest toll rate group.

    For example: you specify CO₂ emission class 2 and EURO emission class VI at the GO point of sale. They fulfil EURO emission class VI, but not CO₂ emission class 2. After the verification period has expired, the system is automatically reset to CO₂ emission class 1.

The rate-related characteristics (CO₂ emission class, EURO emission class) are stored centrally in the ASFINAG toll system. It is not necessary to visit a GO point of sale to correct the emission class stored on the GO-Box.

You can download the current vehicle declaration at any time in the SelfCare portal or via the following query after identifying yourself by means of the personal identification number (PAN) and vehicle on-board unit identification number (OBU ID).
You can also obtain the latest vehicle declaration from the GO point of sale.

Otherwise, ASFINAG will ask you to pay a substitute toll for unpaid or only partially paid tolls, either in writing or through the toll monitoring.