CO₂ calculator

Determine CO₂ emission class

When registering your vehicle for the GO toll, you must state the CO₂ emission class, among other things, and provide evidence of this with the relevant vehicle documents.

With the CO₂ emission class calculator, you can determine the CO₂ emission class for your vehicle in advance with just a few clicks and upload the necessary verification documents. 

Vehicles that were first registered before 01.07.2019 are automatically assigned to CO₂ emission class 1. The same applies to vehicles for which there are yet to be any legal regulations (buses, motorhomes and some heavy commercial vehicles – exception: zero-emission vehicles are assigned to CO₂ emission class 5). CO₂ emission class 1 is not subject to verification.

The following three values are required to verify the CO₂ emission class: date of first registration, vehicle subgroup and specific CO₂ emission value.

Disclaimer of liability

This CO₂ emission class calculator was created with the greatest possible care. However, this does not guarantee that the CO₂ emission classes determined by this CO₂ emission class calculator are correct, up-to-date or complete. However, only the applicable legal regulations are decisive for assigning a vehicle to the correct CO₂ emission class.