Our very own device for paying the GO toll

This is the GO-Box

The GO-Box is an electronic device for toll payment that is installed in the vehicle (on-board unit).

It uses microwave technology to communicate with the toll gantries and thus automatically ensures the payment of the toll.

Always keep the data on the GO-Box up-to-date to ensure that you pay the correct amount of the toll.

GO-Box for lorries, GO-Box for buses and motorhomes

The GO-Box is available for lorries or for buses and motorhomes. The only difference: with a GO-Box for buses or motorhomes, the number of axles can only be changed by the GO point of sale. This ensures that you do not pay too much toll.

Please inform the GO point of sale for which vehicle you need a GO-Box.

Where can I get the GO-Box?

You can obtain the GO-Box at one of our more than 175 GO points of sale in Austria and overseas.

Order online in the SelfCare Portal

If you have at least one active GO-Box, you can order additional GO-Boxes online via the SelfCare Portal.

Sending the GO-Box for GO Direkt customers

In addition, we offer GO Direkt customers the exclusive opportunity to have the GO-Box sent to them. All further information concerning our GO Direkt service can be found here.

We are happy to provide you with the GO-Box on a rental basis

The GO-Box is a loan device. We therefore ask you to return the GO-Box at one of our GO points of sale when you no longer require it.


For a metallised windscreen without a DSRC window

If your motor vehicle has a metallised windscreen without a DSRC window, you must use a Split-GO-Box. This will be made available to you at selected GO points of sale.

* DSRC = Dedicated Short Range Communication

More to know about the GO-Box