How to get your GO-Box

Our on-board unit for paying the GO toll

For motor vehicles over 3.5 tonnes maximum technically permissible laden mass

Picking up at the GO point of sale

You can get a GO-Box immediately at any GO point of sale (processing fee 5 EUR).

Select the payment method: Prepaid or postpaid.

Present your vehicle's registration certificate and have the following data ready:

  • Vehicle license plate number
  • Country of registration
  • Vehicle type: Truck, bus or motorhome
  • Basic category (minimum number of axles of the vehicle)
  • for postpaid: Means of payment
  • Rate-relevant characteristics requiring evidence
  • Name and address
  • E-mail address for free services, e.g. wrong number warning

Finally, you will receive the vehicle declaration. On this you will find important information such as the on-board unit number (OBU-ID) or your personal identification number (Personal Account Number – PAN).

Please check the data on the vehicle declaration immediately and have any incorrect information corrected on site.

You can download the current vehicle declaration at any time in the SelfCare portal or via the following query after identifying yourself by means of the personal identification number (PAN) and vehicle on-board unit identification number (OBU ID). You can also obtain the latest vehicle declaration from the GO point of sale.

Take the vehicle declaration with you on every journey!

GO-Box for trucks, GO-Box for buses and motorhomes

The GO-Box is available for trucks or for buses and motorhomes. The only difference: With a GO-Box for buses or motorhomes, the number of axles can only be changed by the GO point of sale. This prevents you from paying too much toll.

Please let the GO point of sale know for which vehicle you need a GO-Box.

Split-GO-Box – for metallised windscreens without DSRC windows

If your motor vehicle has a metallised windscreen without a DSRC window, you must use a Split-GO-Box. You can obtain these at selected GO points of sale.

* DSRC = Dedicated Short Range Communication

Order your GO-Box online

and collect it from the GO point of sale or have it sent to you

You can only order a GO-Box online if you already have an active GO-Box or use GO Direkt.

And here's how it works:

1. Log in to the SelfCare portal

To order a GO-Box, first log in to the SelfCare portal with your existing access data.

Don't have access data yet? Request user name and password

2. Order a GO-Box

On the start page of the SelfCare Portal you will find the "Register on-board unit" menu item. Select "Order a GO-Box".

3. Fill out the online form

Fill in all mandatory fields in the online form and complete the order.

4. With collection code to GO point of sale

A collection code will be sent to your e-mail address. You can use this code to collect the GO-Box from any GO point of sale within three months.

Tip: Upload the evidence for the rate-relevant characteristics that require evidence right away via "Document upload".