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Paying the GO toll

How much does the GO toll cost?

GO toll rates

The amount of the toll for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes maximum technically permissible laden mass depends on:

  1. Distance driven
  2. Number of axles
  3. CO₂ emission class, EURO emission class
  4. Daytime (A 13 Brenner motorway)

All information about the rates

Please also note that you must provide us with evidence of certain rate-relevant characteristics of your motor vehicle.

Tips for paying the GO toll

Calculate toll, pay toll retroactively

Calculate toll

Determine the toll amount prior to the journey with the toll calculator or the toll calculator light.

Please note: The calculated toll amount is only an approximate value without guarantee. The actual amount of the toll may differ.

Pay toll retroactively

If you have not paid the toll correctly, you will have to pay the toll retroactively. This is possible under certain conditions. Retroactively pay toll