Our GO toll system

Toll obligation

For motor vehicles over 3.5 tonnes maximum technically permissible laden mass

All vehicles driven on motorways, expressways and section toll segments are subject to the toll in Austria. The toll rate system is regulated by the Tolling Regulations.

Find out in good time before your journey about the toll obligation in Austria and about the handling and function of the GO-Box.

Trucks, buses and heavy motorhomes pay GO tolls

If you drive a multi-track motor vehicle over 3.5 tonnes maximum technically permissible laden mass, you must pay a mileage-based toll. We call this the GO toll or "HGV toll".

You can find all information on this and the SelfCare portal on this website.

Cars, motorcycles and light motorhomes require a vignette or a section route toll ticket

If you drive a single or multi-track motor vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes maximum technically permissible laden mass, you must pay a time-based toll, also known as a “car toll” (vignette and route toll).

You can find all the relevant information in the ASFINAG Toll Shop.

What you need

You need a technically suitable on-board unit

The GO toll system works with microwave technology (DSRC – Dedicated Short Range Communication). To be able to pay GO tolls, you need an on-board unit (OBU – on-board unit) that is suitable for this technology. You can obtain such a device from our GO points of sale: the GO-Box.

Also possible: Use the Toll Collect OBU or your emotach device.

On which sections do you pay GO tolls?

Toll sections

You pay the GO toll on the entire toll network in Austria – on motorways, expressways and toll sections.

The section network is divided into many small toll sections. This way, you only pay GO toll for the section you actually drive on (distance-related toll).

The best way to find out how much a section costs is to look at the rates or to use the toll calculator or the toll calculator light.

How much is the toll?

Rate-relevant characteristics

The amount of the toll for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes maximum technically permissible laden mass depends on:

Detailed information on the rates

What else you should be aware of

Rate characteristics requiring evidence and obligation to cooperate

Rate characteristics for which evidence is required

Pay particular attention to the fact that you must provide us with evidence of certain rate-relevant characteristics. You have 30 days to do this after registering for the GO toll system or after changing rate-relevant characteristics.

You can find all information on rate characteristics that require evidence here.

Obligation to cooperate

Pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Is the GO-Box (your on-board unit) working? Is the GO-Box correctly attached? Does the communication between the on-board unit and the GO toll system (toll beacons) work? Pay attention to signal tones
  • Is the data on the GO-Box up to date? Does the data stored on the GO-Box match the information on the vehicle declaration? GO points of sale
  • Do you have to pay tolls retroactively? Retroactively pay toll